20th International RECE Conference Penn State University • USA

RECE 2012: Reconceptualizing the Field: Past, Present, and Future

Penn State University • State College, Pennsylvania • November 4 - 7, 2012

Program Committee

Program Committee Chair
Kyunghwa Lee
University of Georgia • USA

Host Committee

Host Committee Chair
Gail Boldt
Penn State University • USA

2012 Highlights

Thanks to the host team at Penn State University and the Program Committee for an excellent conference. Of the 150 participants, approximately half were new to RECE. Given the need to address a number of issues, three business meetings (open to any who wanted to attend, as always) were held and the following decisions were made:

  1. RECE 2013 will be at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya - starting on Sunday, 3 November and concluding on Thursday, 7 November. This includes one day of visiting early childhood programs, including preschools, children's homes and likely a Deaf school. John Ng'asike is Host Committee Chair, Janice Kroeger (Kent State University) is Program Chair, and Beth Swadener is liaison between the two. The conference will be held at the new Kenyatta University Conference Centre and rates will be posted on this website.

  2. RECE 2014 will be held at Kent State University, also at a new conference center.

  3. In order to provide needed funds for conferences and graduate student support, the group voted (in the final day of RECE 2012) to implement a dues structure - $40 (or more) for faculty and $20 for graduate students and practicing early childhood teachers. Dues can be paid on this website in near future and will also be used for discounted conference registration fee in future. An annual e-newsletter will be provided members and also updates through the website

  4. On Tuesday evening of the RECE 2012 conference, founding member Emerita Professor Marianne (Mimi) Bloch was presented (to her surprise) with the Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Bloch Distinguished Career Award - which will be given in future meetings, with local artwork. Her award was carved from a local tree and several of her family were present, as she grew up three blocks from the Penn State campus.

  5. All who presented at RECE 2012 are urged to send their papers and/or powerpoints to our webmaster to be included in the conference proceedings. We also invite information on publications of RECE members, as well as photos.

  6. Another highlight of the 20th conference was a tour of the new campus child care center - Hort Woods - which is a large (serving up to 170 children) state of the art LEED platinum level certified (green architecture) building. Two busloads of attendees had an evening tour on U.S. election night, led by Education Director, Linda Duerr.