23rd International RECE Conference

Narratives of Difference: Translations, Transgressions, and Transformations

Dublin, Ireland • Blanchardstown Institute of Technology • October 27-31, 2015

23rd International RECE Conference

The 23rd International Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) Conference was held at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) campus and the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown, Dublin between Tuesday 27th October and Saturday 31st October 2015. The Early Childhood Care and Education Programme, Department of Humanities, ITB, hosted the event.

The 2015 theme, Narratives of Difference: Translations, Transgressions, and Transformations, engaged a diverse community of early childhood researchers, practitioners and activists from around the world.

RECE 2015 Host Committee Ireland

Colette Murray (Chair) Aideen Hodgins, Rachel Dockrell, David Mannion, Mairead Murphy, Karen Feery, Deirdre McGrath and Pat O'Connor

RECE 2015 Programme Co-Chairs New Zealand

Marek Tesar, Sonja Arndt, Andrew Gibbons and Sandy Farquhar

RECE 2015 Programme Committee Global

Sonya Gaches, Kylie Smith, Beth Blue Swadener, Mathias Urban, Kenya Wolff, Casey Myers and Will Parnell

RECE 2015 Proposal Reviewers Global

Sonya Gaches, Kylie Smith, Beth Blue Swadener, Mathias Urban, Kenya Wolff, Casey Myers, Will Parnell, Felicia Black, Daniel Leach-McGill, Bruce Hurst, Samara Madrid, Melissa Sherfinski, Tara Lencl, I-Fang Lee, Tomas Ellegard, Ailie Cleghorn, Lindsay Gigous, Esther Waithaka, Patricia Palulis, Victoria Hargraves, Amanda Reeves, Ruth Peach, Jonathan Silin, Lacey Peters, Zsuszanna Millei, Huhana Forsyth, Janita Craw, Janette Kelly, Chris Jenkin, Pauline Bishop, Maggie Lyall, Nicky Delatour, Helen Wrightson, Steven Arnold, Cassie Kotsanas, Elizabeth Powers-Costello and MinSoo Kim-Bossard

Bloch Distinguished Career Award 2015 Committee

Mathias Urban (Chair), Lacey Peters, Mimi Bloch and Michelle Salazar Perez

Rhedding-Jones Outstanding Dissertation Award 2015 Committee

Kylie Smith (Chair), Mimi Bloch, Allison Henward and Betsy Cahill

RECE 2015 Steering Committee

Mimi Bloch, Beth Blue Swadener, Gail Boldt, Mathias Urban and Janice Kroeger

RECE Co-Treasurers

Beth Blue Swadener and Sonya Gaches

RECE 2015 Conference Support

Deborah Jacobs, Web Support, USA