Bloch Distinguished Career Award

25th International RECE Conference • Finding a Home in the World: Migration, Indigeneity, and Citizenship

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada • October 24 –27, 2017

RECE CFP Toronto

Nominations Sought for the Bloch Distinguished Career Award 2017

The "Bloch Distinguished Career Award" is awarded annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education. Previous award recipients include:

  • 2012 - Mimi Bloch
  • 2013 - Beth Blue Swadener
  • 2014 - Jonathan Silin
  • 2015 - Michael O'Laughlin and Joseph Tobin
  • 2016 - Jenny Ritchie

The "Distinguished Career" award will be considered for those who have made significant contributions to Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education over their career, in scholarship and engagement and one who has provided leadership, advocacy, involvement within or contributions to the Early Childhood Reconceptualist Movement. Active engagement within both RECE conferences and the field of early childhood education and care overall will be taken into account. Posthumous nominations will be considered, as well.

Distinguished career criterion/qualities include but are not limited to:

  • Contributions to alternative theoretical frames,
  • Contributions to reconceptualizing research and policy,
  • Modification of, contributions to and/or delivery to pedagogical practices and direct support to young children and their families and/or
  • Facilitation of service(s) and support to underrepresented or marginalized and/or indigenous children, families, and communities throughout the world.


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