Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood

"Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (CIEC) is a peer-reviewed international research journal. The journal provides a forum for researchers and professionals who are exploring new and alternative perspectives in their work with young children (from birth to eight years of age) and their families. CIEC aims to present opportunities for scholars to highlight the ways in which the boundaries of early childhood studies and practice are expanding, and for readers to participate in the discussion of emerging issues, contradictions and possibilities."

Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

"The purpose of this SIG is to foster research on and critical analyses of issues in early childhood education and childhood studies and to encourage the development of alternative perspectives and curriculum in early childhood education."

International Critical Childhood Policy Studies Journal

"The International Critical Childhood Policy Studies Journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed e-journal for researchers, practitioners, and activists concerned with critical (e.g. poststructural, feminist, postcolonial) examinations of childhold policy conceptualizations and practices in a range of fields. Research projects and theoretical papers related to complexity, social justice, equity, and the reconstitution/reinscription of oppression/privilege are highly encouraged."

Child Care Research Forum (CCRF) - Queen's University Belfast • Institute of Child Care Research

"The overall aim of CCRF is to develop a crosscutting research culture between academics, policy makers and practitioners through collaborative action in Northern Ireland."


"We are a global, inter-disciplinary network of leading researchers and practitioners committed to reducing racial and ethnic divisions and building socially inclusive communities through the promotion of effective early childhood programs. We share a commitment to ensuring that all of the work we do is children's rights-based, outcomes-focused and evidence-informed."

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