2019 RECE Conference

Las Cruces, NM • USA

27th Annual RECE Conference

Border/lands and (Be)longings • Tierras Fronterizas y (Ser)Pertenecer

New Mexico State University • Las Cruces, NM • USA • October 31 – November 5, 2019

Program Committee

Cinthya M. Saavedra (Chair), The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Felicia Black, San Diego State University

Mimi Bloch, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Marisol Diaz, Skidmore College

Allison Sterling Henward, Pennsylvania State University

Shirley Kessler, Independent Scholar

Samara Madrid Akpovo, The University of Tennessee

Angeles Maldonado, The Institute for Border Crit Theory

Martin Needham, Manchester Metropolitan University

Kiyomi Sanchez-Suzuki Colegrove, Texas State University

Mere Skerrett, Victoria University of Wellington

Miriam Tager, Westfield State University

Mathias Urban, Dublin City University

Host Committee

Michelle Salazar Pérez , New Mexico State University