Bloch Distinguished Career Award

Marianne Bloch
Marianne Bloch

The Bloch Distinguished Career Award is an annual award given to a scholar researcher who, as an active participant in RECE, has made significant and sustained contributions to reconceptualizing early childhood research, practice, and/or theory at local, national, and/or international levels. The purpose of the award is twofold: to honor scholars whose work has informed and influenced critical inquiry in early childhood education and to acknowledge significant contributions to work of RECE in the larger context of educational research, practice, and theory.

Awards Notice
The RECE Steering Committee will not be issuing a call for the ‘Bloch Distinguished Career Award’ for 2020. As this senior award is in recognition of contributions to reconceptualist scholarship and the ECEC sector over their career, we feel it is important to celebrate this award in person. This award will be announced and awarded at the conference dinner in Knoxville, Tennessee. The call for the Bloch Award will be issued in 2021.

Bloch Distinguished Career Award Recipients

2012 Marianne (Mimi) Bloch State College, PA • USA
2013 Beth Blue Swadener Nairobi • Kenya
2014 Jonathan Silin Kent, OH • USA
2015 Joseph Tobin and Michael O’Loughlin Dublin • Ireland
2016 Jennie Ritchie Taupo • New Zealand
2017 Lourdes Diaz Soto and Gaile Sloan Cannella Toronto • Canada
2018 Gunilla Dahlberg and Mathias Urban Copenhagen • Denmark
2019 Gail Boldt Las Cruces, NM • USA