2021 RECE 30th Anniversary Webinar Series


Event Overview

In 1991, the first RECE conference was launched in response to critical questions that were not being asked, and 30 years later we continue to challenge dominant ideas and perspectives about how children learn and grow, how early childhood educators envision pedagogy, and complicate universalizing assumptions about children’s, families’, and educators’ experiences. Over the years, through interrogating research, policy, and practice, RECE members have tried to shed light on the pluralism and diversity of people’s lived realities, and the multiplicity rather than the narrowness of what is possible. Imperative to these conversations are worldviews that are expansive, inclusive, and embedded in social justice. As early childhood educators we understand that it is necessary to address racism, imperialism, neoliberalism, prejudice, discrimination, or any form of oppression with people of all ages.

In this virtual forum to mark RECEs’ 30th Anniversary, we bring together members of the international RECE community to explore answers to the question What should matter currently in early care and education? What are critical questions today? Drawing from international and intergenerational expertise, panel members will discuss some of the most pressing issues in ECEC. Also, how have the issues changed over time? Are many issues and questions similar to those addressed 30 years ago? When RECE had its 20th anniversary, one of the founding members of RECE asked the question, but what thinking or actions did we “cut open,” rupture, or change? As a community, we continue to reflect on this question today.


What Should Matter in ECE?

Critical Conversations

Presented 27 October 2021 Europe/US • 28 October 2021 Australasia

Our first webinar with I-fang Lee (Australia), Mere Skerrett (New Zealand), Ayesha Rabadi-Raol (Canada), Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw (Canada), and Marcela Montserrat Fonseca-Bustos (Norway) was moderated by Gail Boldt (USA). A critical conversation amongst the panelists will open dialogue around what matters and what should matter as we face the complexities and the pressing issues of the 21st century and beyond.


Shifting Margins

Challenging North South Binaries

• 29 November: Americas  • 30th November: Asia, Europe and Australia.

• Bogotá 7pm, 29th November • Jakarta 7am, 30th November

• Melbourne 11am, 30 November

Where exactly, in our troubled time, is the global south, and why does it matter? In this panel discussion we interrogate the notion of persistent binaries and boundaries – geographical, geo-political, onto-epistemological – that continue to dominate the field of early childhood research, policy and practice. We set out to engage with, and question, the realities of young children and early childhood educators in the global north and south and beyond, based on the diverse contexts of the three panellists from the Americas and South-East Asia.


Why RECE Still Matters


Presented 26 January 2022 EU / US • 27 January 2022 Australsia
11:00 AM Los Angeles • 2:00 PM New York • 7:00 PM London • 8:00 Auckland

Featuring:   Mimi Bloch, Jonathan Silin, Dana Frantz Bentley, Janna Goebel, and Bobbi Ali Zaman.
Moderated by:   Beth Blue Swadener

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