2020 Rhedding-Jones Outstanding Dissertation Award

Jeanette Rhedding-Jones

Providing a forum for critical scholarship is at the heart and soul of RECE; it is central to our raison d’être. Every year we celebrate and recognise the excellent research, scholarship and activism of a growing global doctoral community. We do this through the annual Rhedding-Jones Outstanding Dissertation Award, bestowed at the annual conference on a graduate doctoral student in recognition of a doctoral thesis that makes a significant contribution to Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education.

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2021 Rhedding-Jones Outstanding Dissertation Award Recipients

Dr. Müge Olğun-Baytaş (Penn State University, USA) 
Everyday citizenship for young children at a faith-based school: An ethnographic study

Previous Rhedding-Jones Outstanding Dissertation Award Recipients

2020: Dr. Ayesha Rabadi-Raol (Teachers College, Columbia University) for their dissertation titled What if you just listened to the experience of an immigrant teacher?

Dr. Claudia Díaz-Díaz (University of British Columbia) for their dissertation titled Places that speak: Diversity and social responsibility in Canadian early childhood education

Dr. Luz Marina Hoyos (Concordia University) for their dissertation titled Honouring Cultural Differences in early childhood education and care: A partcipatory research project with a Colombian Embera Chami Indigenous Community

Dr. Yulida Pangastuti (University of Auckland) for their dissertation titled Expansion of early childhood education in Indonesia: Finding voices, telling stories

2019: Dr. Margarita Ruiz-Guerrero (New Mexico State) for their dissertation titled Nutrition in early childhood: A Black feminist analysis of Head Start

2018: Dr. Maria Persons (City University of New York) for their dissertation titled Critical play: Agency, interdependency, and intersectionality in an early childhood classroom

2017: Dr. Emma Buchanan (Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne) for their dissertation titled From developing child to competent learner: A history of the kindergarten child and progressive reform in Aotearoa New Zealand

2016: Dr. Sapna Thapa (University of Wisconsin-Stout) for their dissertation titled The elusive nature of equity and quality in early childhood education: policy rhetoric, meanings and local perceptions in Nepal and Wisconsin, USA

2015: Dr. Casey Y. Myers (Kent State University) for their dissertation titled Children, among other things: Entangled cartographies of the more-than-human kindergarten classroom

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