The RECE Steering Committee Statement on Violence in Israel and Gaza


The Steering Committee for the international Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) organization wants to express our horror and sadness in watching the eruption of violence, the resulting devastation to infrastructure, and the enormous loss of lives in Israel and Gaza. Our thoughts are with our colleagues, friends, and all others, particularly with families and young children.

The RECE Steering Committee denounces the violence and supports a cease fire and humanitarian assistance. We strongly condemn the Hamas attacks on innocent civilians. We are also deeply concerned about the systemic and ongoing violence against children and families in Gaza.

We urge all actors to immediately stop the violence, to continue negotiations to return hostages to their homes, and to provide urgent support, aid and care to those who need it.  As RECE, we always express our solidarity with those who are harmed and suffering, with a particular focus on all of the children and their families affected by tragic situations.

The escalation of this war has affected us all globally. We condemn the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and, as a group and as individuals, will continue to work against racism and oppression in all its forms.

Given RECE’s commitment to social justice and respect for children’s basic rights to protection and provision of water, food, health care, and shelter, we call for an immediate cease fire.

The RECE Steering Committee

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