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Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) is dedicated to facilitating exchanges about work that challenge mainstream ideas regarding how young children learn and grow. In theory and in practice, RECE members question universal assumptions that mask the realities of local contexts and conditions.

2022 RECE Hybrid Conference

Being Together in/with place:
Reimagining pedagogies in transformational times

University of British Columbia • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
June 23-26, 2022
artwork by @sarahkclement

2022 RECE Conference Overview:


In the midst of and in attunement to ongoing crises around the world, the 2022 Conference offered members of the RECE community and their allies the opportunity to come together to reaffirm their sense of community, agency, creativity and commitment to co-creating a more livable, equitable, just, caring and welcoming world for children, families and early childhood educators around the globe. The conference takes the theme of place as a multilayered relational construct that can help us open up, hold, and sustain generative conversations across disciplines and from our different locations.

Host Chairs: Iris Berger  and Mari Pighini 

Program Chairs: Rachel Langford  and Sonja Arndt 

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Ukraine Update & Humanitarian Appeal

 By Mariia Vitrukh, PhD candidate, Arizona State University (from Ukraine)   Since 24 February 2022 when the Russians invaded Ukraine, instead of learning the types of dinosaurs, Ukrainian children know different types of missiles and their potential damage. They learned to differentiate tanks, military planes, and other lethal weapons. Ukrainian parenting has also taken a very unexpected and horrific turn

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