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Conference Archives

The first Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Research, Theory and Practice Conference (RECE) was held in Madison, Wisconsin in 1991. Since that time, conferences have been held in numerous locations around the world.

2023 - Manchester, United Kingdom 
29th Annual RECE Conference
Pathways: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We Want to Go
Hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University
Conference Program

2022 - Vancouver, Canada
28th Annual RECE Conference
Being Together in/with Place: Reimagining Pedagogies in Transformational Times
Hosted by The University of British Columbia
Conference Program


2021 (Online) - RECE 30th Anniversary Webinar Series
Series Program

2020 (Cancelled) - Bethlehem, Palestine
Hosted by Bethlehem University
RECE was preparing to host its 28th annual international conference at Bethlehem University. We were excited about returning to Palestine 10 years after our first conference held in occupied Palestine in 2009. Preparations by the host committee at Bethlehem University were well underway; the programme committee had published the call for papers. Unfortunately, due to the fast-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel the conference. Instead, we worked with Bethlehem University to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Palestine.

2019 - Las Cruces, United States of America 
27th Annual RECE Conference
Border/lands and (Be)longings • Tierras Fronterizas y (Ser)Pertenecer 
Hosted by New Mexico State University
Conference Program

2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark
26th Annual RECE Conference
Inequality in Early Childhood Education and Care
Hosted by Danish School of Education, Roskilde University, The Danish Centre
Conference Program

2017 - Toronto, Canada
25th Annual RECE Conference
Finding a Home in the World: Migration, Indigeneity, and Citizenship
Hosted by Ryerson University, York University, George Brown School of Early Childhood
Conference Program

2016 - Taupo, New Zealand 
24th Annual RECE Conference
He kōrero, he kaupapa, he whāriki - Kia tipu whakaritorito: Re-weaving theories and practices to re(construct) critical questions, new imaginings and social activism
Hosted by University of Auckland, Waikato University, Auckland University of Technology
Conference Program

2015 - Dublin, Ireland
23rd Annual RECE Conference
Narratives of Difference: Translations, Transgressions, and Transformations
Hosted by Blanchardstown Institute of Technology
Conference Program

2014 - Kent, United States of America
22nd Annual RECE Conference
Spaces of Resistance: Histories and Futures
Hosted by Kent State University
Conference Program

2013 - Nairobi, Kenya
21st Annual RECE Conference
Reclaiming the Indigenous Child, Family, and Community: Pedagogies of Place
Hosted by Kenyatta University
Conference Program

2012 - State College, United States of America
20st Annual RECE Conference
Reconceptualizing the Field: Past, Present, and Future
Hosted by Penn State University
Conference Program

2011 - London, United Kingdom
19th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by University of East London
Conference Program

2010 - Dalton, United States of America
18th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Dalton State College

2009 - Bethlehem City, Palestine
17th Annual RECE Conference
Pedagogies of Hope: Reconceptualizing Research, Policy & Practice
Hosted by International Center of Bethlehem
Conference Program

2008 - Victoria, Canada
16th Annual RECE Conference
Weaving With and Across Paradigms and Traditions
Hosted by University of Victoria
Conference Program

2007 - Hong Kong, China
15th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Conference Program

2006 - Rotorua, New Zealand
14th Annual RECE Conference
Decolonizing/Anti-colonial Early Childhood Research and Practice
Hosted by University of Waikato
Conference Program

2005 - Madison, United States of America
13th Annual RECE Conference
Language(s) in Childhood(s)
Hosted by University of Wisconsin – Madison
Conference Program

2004 - Oslo, Norway
12th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Oslo University College

2003 - Tempe, United States of America
11th Annual RECE Conference
Border Crossings
Hosted by Arizona State University
Conference Program

2001 - New York, United States of America
10th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Bank Street College, NYU, Teachers College – Columbia

2000 - Brisbane, Australia
9th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Queensland University of Technology

1999 - Columbus, United States of America
8th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Ohio State University

1998 - Honolulu, United States of America
7th Annual RECE Conference 
Hosted by University of Hawai’i Manoa

1996 - Madison, United States of America
6th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by University of Wisconsin – Madison

1995 - Santa Rosa, United States of America
5th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by Sonoma State University

1994 - Durham, United States of America
4th Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by University of New Hampshire

1993 - Ann Arbor, United States of America
3rd Annual RECE Conference
Hosted by University of Michigan

1992 - Chicago, United States of America
2nd Annual RECE Conference
Reclaiming the Progressive Agenda in Early Childhood Education
Hosted by University of Illinois-Chicago, National Luis University
Conference Program

1991 - Madison, United States of America
1st Annual RECE Conference
Reconceptualizing Research in Early Childhood Education
Hosted by University of Wisconsin – Madison
Conference Program

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