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RECE Global Conversations: An Online Discussion Series

Four Voices, One Conversation: Scholar-Educators Dialoguing in Times of Crisis
27/28 March 2024

This is an online conversation among four scholar-educators during which each will share their insights about speaking with children, pre-service and early career teachers, and peers in a world gone awry. How can we provide safety, comfort and hope for those in our care when we ourselves are often at a loss for words and understanding? What are the best ways to manage the swirl of emotions – confusion, crisis, grief, and despair – that are common responses to global events now and in the future? The goal is to prompt reflective conversations as we respond inwardly and outwardly to a world in which safety and joy have been breached for so many.

Kim Kinnear (Deakin University)
Angela Molloy-Murphy (University of Melbourne)
Nidhi Menon (University of Toronto)

Moderated by: Janelle Brady (Toronto Metropolitan University)

(In)justices and Counteractions in Early Childhood Contexts Virtual Engagement Series

Toward Anti-Racist Practices in Early Childhood Contexts
24 / 25 March 2021

Gloria Boutte (University of South Carolina)
Colette Murray (Technological University Dublin)
Evandra Catherine (Arizona State University)
Rachel Berman (Ryerson University)
Mariana Souto-Manning (Columbia University)

Moderated by: Margarita Ruiz Guerrero (Western Washington University)

Land Education, Place, and Climate Justice in Early Childhood
28 / 29 April 2021

This event will cover issues and concerns with Land Education, Place, and Climate Justice as they relate to and are impacted by early childhood practices and everyday activisms. This conversation is a space for minoritised perspectives in political, social, and educational contexts to take root. Central to this discussion is embedding and foregrounding Indigenous, kinship and climate perspectives and relationalities as more than just some alternative, but rather, essential ways to understand the world.

Diana Gómez (Bogotá, Colombia)
Anna Lees (Washington, USA)
Jenny Ritchie (Wellington, New Zealand)
Catherine Hamm (Melbourne, Australia)
Jeanne Marie Iorio (Melbourne, Australia)

Moderated by: Megan Bang (Illinois, USA)

Feminism, Gender Justice and Resistance in Early Childhood Education
26 / 27 May 2021

Panelists will address gender issues in Early Childhood Education and feminist theories and solutions that situate such issues. Drawing on a range of feminisms, the panelists will explore rethinking gender binaries in relation to emerging and persistent transgender identities, intersectionality and power of BIPOC collectives, feminist tales of teaching and resistance in Reggio Emilia, Italy and rewriting gender into European early childhood philosophies.

Alexandra Gunn (University of Otago in Dunedin | Ōtepoti)
An Intersectional/ity Collective
Beatrice Vittoria Balfour (University of Cambridge)
Jayne Osgood (Middlesex University)

Moderated by: Rachel Langford (Ryerson University) and Janice Kroeger (Kent State)