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RECE is governed by the RECE Steering Committee, which leads the organisation and makes day-to-day strategic and operational decisions. The RECE Steering Committee consist of past Host Chairs, a Treasurer, and a representative from the Bloch Award recipients. The RECE Steering Committee Reports to the RECE membership via the annual RECE Business meeting. 

Marek Tesar, University of Auckland (Chair)

Beth Blue Swadener, Arizona State University (Treasurer)

Mimi Bloch, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Bloch award representative)

Colette Murray, Technical University Dublin

Jonathan Silin, University of Toronto

Janice Kroeger, Kent State University

Tomas Ellegaard, Roskilde University, Copenhagen

Iris Berger, University of British Columbia

Lori Huston, University of British Columbia (RECE Indigenous Caucus Rep) 

Amy Clark, DePaul University (RECE New Member)

Nicole Land, Toronto Metropolitan University (RECE At-Large Member)

Dana Bentley, Lesley University (RECE At-Large Member)

Emmanuelle Fincham, Western Washington University (RECE At-Large Member)